Trivia for all Level 2 Answers

Below you can find the answer for Trivia for all Level 2 Answers.There might be a difference between the level numbers posted on our website with the levels you get on your smartphone so make sure to double check which ones are the right one. In case you can't find the right answers do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you!

Trivia for all Level 2 Answers.Hello Friends.In our page you will find the answers for the new game Trivia for all. This game is developed by Second Gear Games. It has a similar idea as the trivia crack game but it’s much more easy and you don’t compete with other plays. It can be played in 5 different languages and it’s going to be a huge success. Below you we have posted all the answers for all 10 levels of this game.

Trivia for all Level 2 Answers


What animal with big ears cannot jump?
In which regions on Earth do the most destructive storms happen?
Animals that produce milk and have fur?
What is the name of the keyboard instrument that you hold to your chest and squeeze?
What type of triangle has three unequal sides?
What element is missing in this list water air fire?
What brand of truck comes from the abbreviation used in the army for the General Purpose vehicle GP?
What fruit contains potassium and helps to reduce blood pressure?
Who built an ark and let the animals in two by two?
Which plant with thorns can be found in the driest places on Earth?

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